Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Lawsuit to Cecil Hotel

Vancouver newspaper has reported that Elisa's parent have decided to file a lawsuit against Cecil Hotel. It is long over due. Safety is everyone's issue in a hotel, and not providing the them to a paying customer is definitely negligent. While it is probably not written in the contract, the hotel has the obligation to let the residents know the dangers.

Please take a look at the pictures on this site. It clearly  shows there is someone there. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cecil Hotel - Negligence

This case appears to me as cecil hotel being negligent in security for their residents. I'm in the opinion that it is the minimum that they can sue for...I have yet done research on cases but will in due time.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Elisa's Death is NOT Accidental

It is clear to me that her death is not accidental. It seems that they based their 'findings' on a report rather than material facts. Remember that it is LAPD that released the video in the first place,  Here are some questions LAPD should answer to get ANY credibility back.

On Video
- Who was she interacting with in the video?
- Why did she put her hands up in the air like she 'surrenders'
- Did LAPD 'freeze' frame each and every one of the 29 frame per second video to look for clues like I did?
- How many other video footage are available and was it reviewed in detailed frame by frame?
- who's foot is that in the picture?
-Did they interview the staff and security guards?
- Why didn't the elevator close?
- why is there a time lapse in the video?
- who has access to the video tapes as it seems 'edited'?

On the roof tank
- Explain how she was able to get to the roof when it is alarmed?
- How was it possible that she knows where the roof is?
- Was she strong enough to lift the tank cap on top of tank without losing balance? How heavy is it? 
- How did she jump in the tank and close the hatch?
- Was she naked? What happened to her clothes?
- Did they search the tank before hand?

On the residents
- How many sex offenders are there in the building?
- Did they search every floor?
- Where were they ?

There are so many questions that LAPD has to answer...these are just a few...